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What are the best places to buy flat in Istanbulimage

What are the best places to buy flat in Istanbul


The city of Istanbul is the place where everyone likes to own an apartment, as it is an integrated city and that is because it has many encouraging elements for that and one of the most important of these elements is that it has a wide diversity in its areas where the buyer will get the apartment that He is looking for it with the details that he prefers to be and at the price that suits him. What are the best areas to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul? This is what we will present through the following lines.
-These areas are considered the best in Istanbul for buying an apartment. Get to know them:

1- Basaksehir:

This area can be found in the European part of Istanbul. Today it is the favorite for many people, especially those who hold Arab nationality until it was called the region of the rich Arabs. Their preference is due to it as it has a huge infrastructure as this aspect contributes to The high prices of real estate and apartments in it, and this leads us directly to the fact that it is suitable for a real estate investment project, which will be crowned with success. Basaksehir has many distinguished educational institutions. The transportation is good and helps to move to and from it, and also the Basaksehir Medical City contributed to its distinction. The real estate character that dominates it is the residential complexes. Its geographical location is very close to the new Istanbul Airport. We can say that it is one of the best areas of Istanbul order to search for apartments for sale in it.

buying flats in Istanbul

2- Beylikduzu:

Beylikdüzü is considered the modern interface in Istanbul, where it keeps pace with the latest developments and global updates in the field of construction. It is dominated by residential complexes and villas as well. Transportation is available in it. Shopping centers are located near it, and the distinctive beach is only a few minutes away from it. In general, it is the most suitable place for owning apartments, whether for housing and stability or investment. In both cases, the results will be satisfactory. It is important to point out that the prices of its real estate are cheap Compared with other districts of Istanbul.

3- Maslak area:

As for this area, it is suitable for those who are looking for luxury and high-end apartments. Its residential complexes are very distinguished, overlooking the vast green spaces. It also uses materials that make them resistant to earthquakes, and this is what gives them the character of safety. We can say that Today, it is almost a haven for businessmen, because the prices of its apartments are very high, which does not fit with the other classes of society. Real estate investment in it will record a remarkable and distinguished success.

4- Kucukcekmece:

It overlooks the Marmara Sea, which fulfills the desire of many people to own an apartment with a distinctive sea view. It is also close to the TEM and E5 highways. It also contains the most important industrial centers throughout the country. As for its service package, it is wide and varied. It is very suitable for those looking for a distinguished and successful real estate investment and at the same time suitable for housing and stability, as for its prices, they consider high.

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5- Basin Express:

This region is the first incubator for commercial activities in Turkey, as it contains the most important distinguished hotels, most of which are five-star, as well as luxury malls and shops. It is the right place for those looking to buy an apartment within the residential complexes. Real estate investment in basin express will be decorated with the character of excellence and success.

6- Esenyurt:

This area in Istanbul knows that the population density is high, because of the many ingredients it contains. The prices of its apartments are appropriate and modest, and at the same time, they do not lack modernity, quality, sophistication, or distinction.
There are residential complexes / commercial centers. Esenyurt is ranked as one of the best-selling real estate areas in Turkey.
So we were with the most important areas in the Istanbul area, which are the best for buying and owning apartments. They are suitable for investment and for housing at the same time. Many people have been choosing them, what is your choice?

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