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Istanbul Airport


Turkey's Gateway to the World: Istanbul Airport

Istanbul, which is located at the intersection of Asia, and Europe besides the Middle East and has become one of the largest transfer hubs in the world, has failed to meet the increasing demands of Ataturk Airport and Sabiha Gökcen Airport. The strategic importance of Istanbul has increased with the globalizing world and intensification of intercontinental trade. With the role of eastern countries in world trade and prominence in tourism, airline traffic has begun to turn to eastern countries. With this orientation, the geographical importance of Istanbul, which is in a strategic position and is the intercontinental connection point, has increased even more. The third airport project, the largest project in the history of the Turkish Republic, has been launched in Istanbul, and it becomes the most important transfer hub in the world.

Istanbul Airport was built near Terkos Lake at Arnavutköy junction

Istanbul Airport was built near Terkos Lake at Arnavutkoy junction. Transportation is easily provided with its close location to many points. Construction of the metro line, which will provide transportation to the airport at many points in the city, is continuous. It is also possible to reach it by taxi, private car, or public transport such as Metrobus, bus, and Havaist.

One of the Largest and Modern Airports in the World

Today, Istanbul Airport is one of the largest and most modern airports in the world, provides air flights to more than 120 countries, more than 60 capital cities, more than 250 international destinations, and more than 50 domestic destinations. While flights are provided to 146 destinations from different continents in 3 hours at Istanbul Airport, it is expected to organize flights to more than 350 destinations if the airport is in full service.

The first phase of this project, is planned as 4 phases, and was put into service on 29 October 2018 and started to serve at full capacity on 6 April 2019. Welcoming 90 million passengers upon completion of the first phase, Istanbul Airport will reach 200 million passengers capacity when all phases are completed. The airport, built on a huge area of 76.5 million square meters, also has a remarkable technological infrastructure and unique services.

53,000 m² area in Istanbul Airport, featured with the world-famous brands, which is reserved as a Duty-Free area. Also, numerous restaurants and cafes are available to offer unique tastes of Turkish and international cuisines. Special passenger services such as rapid transit, buggy, lounge, valet, welcome, and farewell are also offered at Istanbul Airport.

53,000 m² area in Istanbul Airport, featured with the world-famous brands, which is reserved as a Duty-Free area.

Purchasing a Property Around Istanbul Airport

Today, of course, Istanbul Airport has increased the value of the properties located around the airport, which has reached the capacity of 90 million after the completion of its first phase and will reach the capacity of 200 million after its full operation. This area will certainly become one of the most favorite and most valuable locations in Istanbul with its infrastructure investments and high-level developed transportation networks in this region, it is valued day after day. Other important factors that add value to the region are the metro transportation from all over the city, developed connection roads, and high-speed train routes.

Istanbul, the capital city of the empires, maintains its strategic value and importance today. Buying properties in Istanbul, which connects Asia and Europe and consider a transfer point of the world transportation center, means making an important investment that will not lose any value. Investment in Turkey in the region that adds value to its existing value with Istanbul Airport, is an important opportunity that will bring serious gains in the future.

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