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The Procedures of Travel to Turkey in Pandemicimage

The Procedures of Travel to Turkey in Pandemic


With the Covid-19 outbreak that occurred the last winter and affected the whole world, some measures were taken in all countries. Almost in all countries, domestic and international travels were stopped, curfews were declared, and several different measures were taken. In the coronavirus epidemic, the effect of which was reduced with the strict measures taken, a new period was entered in the summer months and measures began to be loosened. Travel bans were removed, tourism season was opened, the curfews are over, and restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, and shopping centers that were closed were opened. With the return to new normal life, of course, not all measures were removed. The ban on going out without a mask and traveling in a controlled manner still continues in our country.

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In this article, we answered the question that plugs into our foreign visitors’ minds, who are come from abroad to buy real estate in Turkey or for tourist trips, " What awaits me in my travel to Turkey?".

  • Are there any travel restrictions to Turkey?

No, passengers from all countries except Afghanistan are currently allowed to enter our country.

  • Does the Covid-19 test apply when I landed at the airport in Turkey?

No, the body temperature is measured by tourists arriving in Turkey. The test is applied if the body temperature is 37.8 degrees and above or shows disease symptoms. The test is not done on visitors who show no symptoms of high fever and disease.

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  • Will I be in quarantine when I come to Turkey?

No, the quarantine process does not apply to tourists coming to Turkey. The passengers whose body temperature exceeds 37.8 degrees or show any disease symptoms will be tested. If the test is positive, passengers will be treated.

  • What measures are taken at Istanbul Airport?

The warning signs related to Covid-19 and hand disinfection devices have been placed at many points of Istanbul Airport.

Istanbul Airport is regularly disinfected 24/7.

The Covid-19 test was applied to Istanbul Airport employees.

Throughout the pandemic process, X-Ray devices and stuff baskets are regularly disinfected.

All passengers enter the terminal by passing over the mat with disinfectant at the entrance of Istanbul Airport.

100% fresh air circulation is provided throughout the Istanbul Airport terminal.

Nobody other than passengers and employees is accepted to the airport to keep the social distance.

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  • How will I provide urban transportation in Istanbul?

All public transportation vehicles used in the normal process in Istanbul continue to be used actively. You can use public transportation such as Marmaray, metro, Metrobus, etc. by following social distance rules and wearing a mask.

  • What are the measures taken in Istanbul within the scope of coronavirus?

It is forbidden to go out without a mask in Istanbul and it is obligatory to use a mask everywhere, including on public transportation and in shopping centers.

Limitations have been imposed on the number of passengers on public transport within the scope of compliance with social distance.

Wedding, concert, etc. collective organizations are prohibited.

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  • What kind of measures are taken at the hotels where I will stay when I come to Istanbul?

Some rules are determined by the Ministry of Health for hotels in Turkey. Also, a "Safe Tourism Certification Program" is implemented by the Ministry of Tourism. Hotels that meet certain conditions can receive this certificate and serve.

Fever measurements are regularly performed at guest entrances.

Buffet food service has been abolished. Meals are served by employees in special clothes.

The room will be ventilated for at least an hour while cleaning the room. The housekeeping staff will clean in special clothes. At the same time, the room will be left empty for at least 24 hours after the guest staying at the hotel leaves, after which a new guest will be accepted.

Fitness centers, saunas, and massage rooms in the hotels will not be used as much as possible, and their cleaning and ventilation will be done at regular intervals. The use of areas such as gymnastics and gym will be made through the reservation system.

Textile products (linens, towels, etc.) will be washed at 60-90 degrees in hotels.

Hotels will accept guests at 60 percent capacity.

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  • Do I need to have the Covid-19 test on my way back to my home country?

When returning to your home country, you should review the rules set by your country within the scope of coronavirus measures and act accordingly. For more information, you can contact your country's consulate.

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