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Villas in Istanbul

Villas in Istanbul are the dreams of many investors. Villas that offer a comfortable living space for large families and high rental income for investors are a type of real estate that many people want to buy.


The importance of real estate investing in Turkey

Real estate investment in Turkey is the best promising investment that many families can make in their lifetime to gain fast profits .


Black sea areas and their importance in real estate sector

Arab investors are increasingly interested in the Black Sea area to own and buy properties in Turkey thanks to the many advantages that cities in the region enjoy, such as Trabzon, Rize, and others.


The best places in Istanbul for residency

The most important areas in Istanbul for housing and the most important points of difference between one area and another and the most important features that characterize each area


The Best Places in Istanbul for Investing

The best places and regions in Istanbul in order to start real estate investment and the diversity of regions in different locations and their importance for real estate investment


Luxurious Apartments' Prices in Istanbul

Luxury apartments in Istanbul are of different types and prices, according to their locations and the most important features


Istanbul's Canal and Erdogan's Dream

Canal Istanbul is the biggest project and the greatest dream for Erdogan and Turkey because of its great economic importance


Effects of Real Estate Investment in Turkey and Worldwide

The great development in the real estate sector in Turkey and its great impact on the economy of Turkey and the world


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