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Complex Management and Maintenance Fee


Professional Complex Management and Maintenance Fee Application in Turkey

With the increase in population density in city life, mass housing sites are also growing and becoming widespread. The need for professional site management has become inevitable with the growing housing projects. The management of expenses such as increasing common maintenance expenses and the need for security has become difficult. While the manager was selected among the residents of the site in the past, today the need for professional management has emerged. This article is written for informational purposes for foreigners, who want to buy real estate in Turkey and have questions about site management in their mind.

What is professional site management?

It is a type of service that has become a necessity in modern societies that meet the needs of the site based on the rule of law, regulates human relations (neighborhood relations), and follows material requirements with a professional management approach in housing sites.

The site management law is regulated by the law of 634 articles of the property law, and those who buy apartments in Istanbul on the site agree to comply with these management rules when they sign the deed.

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What is the purpose of professional site management?

Professional site management aims to create safer, cleaner, and more well-maintained living spaces for the people living on the site.

What are the services offered by the Professional Site Management?

The site management, which has become a necessity in sites built in a minimum of two blocks, provides services such as security, maintenance, renovation, repair, cleaning of common areas, dues operations, garden maintenance, elevator maintenance, and common electricity expenses.

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What are the dues (maintenance fee)?

It is the service fee received from the property owner or tenant to cover the monthly or annual common expenses of the sites.

What is the maintenance fee paid for?

The needs and expenses of mass housing sites are higher than that of small apartments. The expenses such as the number of entrance gates in the sites, the number of security personnel at these gates, and the salaries of the security personnel and their uniform are covered by the dues. In addition, services such as cleaning of common areas, technical maintenance, garden maintenance, and elevator maintenance are also covered by dues payments.

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Does the tenant pay the maintenance fee?

Yes. Tenants are also obliged to pay the maintenance fee determined for the apartment they live in.

Does the maintenance fee paid for the empty flat?

Yes. The maintenance fees are collected equally from all property owners for the expenses of services such as caretaker, gardener, security, maintenance and repair, and cleaning common areas. The property owners are obliged to pay this fee even if they do not live in the apartment. The execution proceedings can be commenced for the property owners who do not fulfill this obligation.

What happens if the maintenance fees are not paid?

If the property owners or tenants do not pay the fee on time, delay compensation is applied. If it is still not paid, legal proceedings and execution proceedings can be commenced against the property owner or tenant.

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How is the maintenance fee calculated?

The maintenance fee is calculated in two ways. Monthly or yearly general expenses are calculated and divided by the number of flats and the amount payable per flat is calculated. The monthly maintenance fee for the flats may vary according to the square meter of the flat.

How to increase the maintenance fee?

It is the site management that determines the maintenance fee and the right to raise the maintenance fee is also in the site management. The site management determines the new maintenance fee after making the necessary calculations in line with their annual plans.

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