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What Do You Know About the Basin Express Areaimage

What Do You Know About the Basin Express Area


It is said that the Basin Express area, which has a highly developed infrastructure and superstructure today, will be the new center of Istanbul in the coming years. The Basin Express area, located in Istanbul, one of the largest metropolises in the world, which continues its rapid development, attracts great attention from investors. Investments in the Basin Express area, one of the most striking regions of the European Side, continue at full speed. It is pointed out that Basin Express Road and its surroundings, which connects the TEM and E5 roads, the two most important roads of the city, will be the most prestigious office district of Istanbul. In this region, where large-scale concept projects are implemented, there are five-star hotels, large and luxurious shopping malls, Class A office buildings, and luxury housing projects. This region, which is in a very advantageous position in terms of transportation, will become one of the most accessible regions of Istanbul with investments in the metro and rail system.

What Do You Know About the Basin Express Area?

The Basin Express Road, which separates Bagcilar and Kucukcekmece districts on the European side of Istanbul, was built in the 1980s. After the 1980s, industrial companies started to be built in the Basın Ekspres Zone, which was a region with rural settlements and slums. It is one of Istanbul's most important transportation and connection roads, combining TEM and E5 roads. The fact that it is located on important transportation routes, the land is affordable, and it is relatively far from the city center has played a big role in the selection of the region by industrial companies. The development of the industry, in parallel, and the settlement of the workers in the industrial companies in the region led to an increase in the population over time. Since the 2000s, the region's population density has increased to a great extent, and the region has remained in the city center with its growth the city. Due to the environmental pollution, population density, and construction problems brought about by industrialization in the region, a new planning decision was taken, and decentralized works started. In the new plans, the Basin Express axis was planned as the city center. With the effect of the plans, the return from industrialization to the service sector started in the Basin Express area. With the transformation, there has been a great increase in land values after 2010 and the investments made in the region have increased to a great extent.

When the industrial zone started to move, these businesses started to be replaced by large shopping centers, residences, hotels, business centers, and branded housing projects. This development and change on the Basin Express Road greatly influenced the districts of Bagcilar and Kucukcekmece and supported their development. Small manufacturing may be allowed in some small businesses and workshops near the Basin Express area. Thus, both the transformation into a large center and production continue in this region.

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Today, the Basin Express area is a valuable region where large hotels, luxury business centers, shopping centers, and branded housing projects are located. After the opening of Istanbul Airport, a connection road that provides access from the region to the airport was built. With this connection road, transportation from this region to the airport is provided in as little as 20 minutes. The Basin Express area, which is one of the most valuable regions of Istanbul today, continues to develop and be valued.

The New Hub in Istanbul for Residence and Office: Basin Express Area

Basin Express region, which is considered a promising investment region by experts, is among the most prestigious regions of the European Side. The Basin Express region, which is the region where the real estate market grows rapidly in Istanbul, attracts a great deal of attention from investors. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has also considered this remarkable area as a prestigious service area and a priority business center in its strategic planning and has placed it in the first place. This is a sign that this region will carry its projects for commercial and residential investment areas to the highest level.

Basin Express area is one of the regions of Istanbul where the most important real estate investments are made. The real estate prices in this region have increased more than 20 times in the last ten years and continue to rise today.

The Basin Express region is indisputably one of the most important and easiest to reach areas of Istanbul. The Basin Express Road, which is vital in Istanbul and provides the connection between the TEM and E5 roads, the lifeblood of urban transportation, and its surroundings are one of the most important areas of the city in terms of ease of transportation. In addition to all these, with the metro lines built in the region, the region will develop further, and transportation will be easier. Today, the construction of the metro lines in the Basin Express region is almost completed. It is expected that the value of the region will increase even more with the metro lines that will be opened for passenger transportation in a short time. 

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One of the Best Places for Investment in Istanbul: Basin Express Area

The rapid growth in the Basin Express region also greatly affected the real estate prices in the surrounding residential areas. Gunesli district of Bagcilar district and Halkali district of Kucukcekmece district are the best examples of this. With the development of the region, real estate prices in these districts also increased and attracted the attention of investors to a great extent.

Basin Express region has become a frequent destination for middle and high-income workers in recent years. This region, where luxury residences equipped with the latest technology and 24/7 security, attracts attention at this rate. In addition, its proximity to Ataturk Airport, which is planned to be transformed into a large park and fairground with the opening of Istanbul Airport, increases the value of the region (a field hospital was built in a part of the airport during the pandemic period). 

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